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What does Xpert Financial Care offer?

Xpert Financial Care provides creative and innovative custom solutions to help optimize the growth potential of the personal finances of an individual and/or business.

We strongly believe in simplifying the presentation of financial literacy resources with the use of language and illusions that are unique to each individual and situation.

What was the purpose for starting Xpert Financial Care?

I noticed that there was a need in the marketplace for creative, custom solutions for individuals and small business owners who may feel overwhelmed by their financial situation and who may feel like they are not in control of their financial future. Xpert Financial Care was created to provide those individuals with resources for financial literacy; to help them successfully organize their finances and make financially responsible decisions; and/or aid them in starting, maintaining or growing a business. Xpert Financial Care partners with and supports those individuals to help them accomplish their financial goals. 

What is the Xpert's experience? 

I am the founder and president of Xpert Financial Care. My formal education and qualifications have been in accounting. I am a former Internal Revenue Service Agent and Small Business Auditor. I have also been a Financial Accountant for several retail brands, media conglomerates, not-for-profit organizations, where I witnessed the impact of financial illiteracy on the life of individuals and/or the organization.

What is the Xpert's goal? 

Our goal is to empower and prepare as many individuals as possible with the necessary financial educational tools; to help bring clarity and understanding to their individual financial situation; to help them become consistent with budgeting, forecasting, investing and saving; to help them create financial plans and solutions in preparation for every stage of their personal and/or business lives. 

Xpert's Financial Principles

  1. Spend less than you earn!

  2. Make informed financial decisions! (Think ahead)

  3. Be content!

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